Sunday, Sunday

This morning at 8:34am, I looked up at the clock, fully expecting it to read something north of 10:30. Imagine my chagrined shock to find us still in the eights. Sweet lord. Ol joined talking forces with Jack today, and I swear to you that by noon, T and I were twitching. I suspect he dissociated briefly at the farmers market but he tells me that's not what the odd manner and stare and aimless gait were about.

We went to said market because after a storm last night blew out the steamy humidity fest that was DC, today was spectacularly beautiful, and I wanted to get out of the house and eat. Knowing the boys would eagerly snarf a Red Zebra pizza and some Pleasant Pops, we started with those. T got a pizza too and nearly licked the box clean. I went for a trio of tacos at Chaia and was not disappointed. We arrived too late for chicken, darn it. Eco-Friendly foods sold out hours earlier I was told. Boo. More chicken next week but today's was never-frozen and next week will have spent a week in the cold store. Ah well, at least I'll get me some.

Once home, we planted the children in the basement in front of a lengthy movie. I hauled it upstairs with Cat and T went to the gym with some mystical energy he summoned. Then we moseyed to Jack's first baseball game of the season and cheered them on as they won, 9-3. Amazing how those kids have grown and actually learned to play good ball as a team. Back a few seasons ago, I'd perhaps not have bet on such a turn-around. ;)

Tomorrow is a largely responsibility-free one, and I couldn't be happier about that.