Hilarity in the family bed, Narnia?

Ok, we don't actually have a family bed, but for five or ten minutes each morning after the boys wake up, we all pile in to a non-twin for Morning Snuggle and generalized silliness. This morning's conversation focused on a fortune teller Oliver made yesterday. You remember those origami type paper creations with flaps on top of which are written numbers and under which are various "fortunes?" Jack has been making these for years; you could map his age by reading the fortunes. When he was 5, for example, all fortunes involved getting to join the police corps. Ol's mostly constellate around Star Wars accomplishment and edible treats while another pal was more focused on poop and pee. Of course! They are in the 4-5 range. So Oliver is regaling us with the various destinies, and Jack starts in on how "You poop" is NOT a fortune but merely a fact. And an extremely lively conversation ensued about how we might restructure the sentence to take it from fact to fortune.

Though it was not terribly natural, we then segued into what we'd have for breakfast.

On the way to school, the boys and I were wild for the thick fog that enveloped us the whole way.It was very cool...very Batman. Just last night, Jack and I read about the fog that overtook Narnia when the White Witch's power waned in the advent of Aslan's return. How prescient was that chapter! Because this morning's nearly opaque veil of fog has since lifted, giving way to a magnificent, beaming sun.

Happy Spring!