Did a psycho wind come through town?

People, seriously, the ridiculousness of this morning can not be overstated. I 911'd our babysitter at 8:32a and asked her to come an hour earlier this afternoon. Please keep your fingers crossed that she can. T and I cannot believe it's just 9am. We were thinking about fun lunch spots to which we could schlep the children but then we looked at the clock. It was 8:57. Sweet jesus. Even Percy has been freaky this morning. It "feels like" 40 but we are off to the farmers market and other assorted errands. Last year, I bought a beautiful cinderella pumpkin and made this fabulous soup in it. You use the pumpkin as the pot- such a gorgeous tureen!

Ok, we're off. I'm sending vibes out to all of you that you and yours are calm and quiet.