That stands for nothing mystical, secretive or cool. It's been another busy day, one that felt like four, and I'm now, just back from our second back to school night, groggily watching my hilarious cat bat a noisy, plastic ball around like he's a some sort of maniacal hockey player. It's infinitely amusing really. Between morning and late afternoon plans tomorrow, I hope to enjoy my silent kitchen and the simple act of culinary creation within it. I've recently remembered just how good Nancy Silverton's caramelized shallots are, and how many recipes in Yotam's Plenty and Jerusalem still call to me, flagged but then forgotten. Using a random $10 off coupon at Sur la Table yesterday, I treated myself a new tart pan; this one resembles an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper with fluted sides. A fall tart sounds divine. So, I'll keep you posted, continue trying to read some, any, of the paper, trying to find slowness and even stillness where I can. Breathe in, breathe out. Whew.