Today was my dad's last day of work. All he has left to do is clean out his office. I'm so proud of and excited for him. And Mom! Isn't he cute?


Today was also the day trump said that he'd spoken with the president of the US Virgin Islands (um, dummy, YOU are the president of the USVI) and that we found out Rick Perry called Puerto Rico a country yesterday during the House Energy and Commerce hearing about rebuilding downed grids post-Maria.

“That is a country that already had its challenges before this storm,” Perry said.

I wonder if, when Representative Kathy Castor retorted that "It's America. They’re American citizens, so it’s not a country,” she felt murderous or flabbergasted or vaguely bemused that the Dancing With the Stars guy who once planned to get rid of the department he now heads but first forgot what it was has not gotten smarter since being confirmed for the PRESIDENTIAL CABINET.

As there is absolutely nothing good to say about the state of things in America right now, I'll move on to good food and books and a quick shout-out to the Chicago Cubs for beating the Nationals last night in the divisional playoffs. Go CUBBIES!!!!!! You can do it again! (But only if you get your bullpen in order; OMG, your pitching was weak last night).

We have been eating simply and well of late. OMG, y’all, the children are asking for something else. Grr. I will talk about food and books tomorrow.