Yummy lobster dinner shouts out to France

Y'all, this was a hell of a dinner. I diced some shallots and cooked them in butter with thyme and a garlic clove, deglazed with cognac and added chopped shitakes. Then I added the chopped lobster and served the finished dish in these shells. The Brussels sprouts salad was as amazing as ever, and I had to put the rest in the fridge to stop eating it. We opened a bottle of Pascal Jolivet Rosé, and I served some toasted harvest bread with fresh goat cheese and my quince-persimmon-ginger jam. Delish!!!  People, I might have overextended today. After my loony crayon sorting hour, mystery reading and so forth, I gardened for quite a while and also ran a personal 5K. Friday afternoon babysitters are the best, but I probably should have taken it a teensy bit slower today. Ah well.