Yoga, J's performance, Ripple

Jack's final performance last night was smashing- the cast's best show yet. I was so very proud of him. It was the real deal of a production- tech, lights, music, bands... He (meaning me too) missed just one rehearsal out of many (they started in early January) and never seemed to mind that he had no lines but rather was just a member of the chorus singing Imagine and Some Nights. J dressed as John Lennon complete with skinny black tie and round glasses and really seemed to enjoy the whole of the experience. I took Oliver to the afternoon show yesterday and other than farting loudly and continuously throughout (good god), he enjoyed it and clapped like a trained monkey on speed each time a song ended. Naturally, I was up much earlier this morning than I would have liked but c'est la vie. I delivered two beautiful cakes and then went to yoga for the first time in a long while. It was bliss. The kids completed, mostly successfully, an hour of quiet time and we're now setting up in the basement for a family viewing of Alice in Wonderland, the real one from  decades ago. Tonight, T and I are going to Ripple to enjoy a night there before Chef Cox heads west.

It is revoltingly gray outside and quite cold. Maybe if it'd just snow already, we could get on to March.