Venezia, day 2

It is so wonderful to have and be able to walk so much. There is no humidity, it is maybe 65 or so degrees with just the slightest, most perfect breeze, and it feels as if we walked miles today. Past the Rialto, we came to the Saturday fish market which was unbelievable and which also boasted a sizable produce area. Razor clams, granchi crabs, sepia leaking their ink all over the ice, eels, and a huge array of fish as far as our eyes could see. We bought a huge vat of fresh sundried tomatoes and the makings for a pasta with sofrito and bottarga we'll enjoy tonight. The boys ate, ate some more, and we hit the water, riding a tragetto gondola across a canal and taking a vaporetto home later.

When we finally made it back to the apartment, I cooked up the gorgeous array of veggies I bought yesterday. I braised the baby carciofi (artichokes) in oil with garlic, then added in the zucchini and finally the squash blossoms and radicchio. Meanwhile I reduced some balsamic to drizzle over afterwards. Perfection!