Taking a load off

What a nice evening! Tom and Jack played some chess while I got Ol into bed, and afterwards, while the focaccia dough rose, T did some trim painting in the guest room (I love to paint walls but am more than happy to let him go to town on irritating trim work!). I've actually managed to read a magazine, work more on my crossword AND enjoy this fresh and light spring onion and ricotta bread (the focaccia dough recipe is from Melissa Clark). NIK_3170 NIK_3171

Now, the unfortunate likeness to uterine folds in that first pic is not lost on me, but I still think it's a nice shot of my bread dough. I really enjoy kneading a good and pliable dough. There is such pleasure in watching simple ingredients come together in magical ways. The smell of yeast soothes, the scatter-shot flour is the best sort of confetti. As I work and manipulate a warm ball of to-be bread, I am comforted and calm (except for the time I was 8 months pregnant and had (chose) to knead a thick dough for 10 minutes and seriously thought I was sending myself into labor with the effort). And then the result sends a wave of coziness through my home, and I love that.

spring onion and ricotta focaccia