Shout-out to my soup

On Monday, the day of Nanny's funeral, I received a lovely note from a Food 52 friend: she let me know that my Tuscan Bread Soup had been chosen by Jenny as the feature of her Weeknights With Jenny column. This is the second time Jenny has highlighted one of my recipes, and I'm very flattered. It seemed fitting, in a lovely way, that if something I cook was to be honored, it was done so on a day that I was honoring Nanny. So, thank you, to Jenny and to all who wrote such nice notes. You have no idea how especially much those kindnesses meant to me on Monday.

Oliver has had a bad fever all day and felt like the pits. True to form, he said earlier, "I need to frow up", went to the toilet, grasped the sides and threw up three times. He will be such a champ at college parties, for the love. It's weird how some kids are pukers and others aren't. Jack has thrown up twice, TWICE, in his entire 7.25 years, while for Ol, upchucking is a common, could it be almost-monthly?, event. At least it doesn't phase him. Today I had to pressure him to brush his teeth afterwards. Blech.

Tom's in NY, and I managed to find a sitter for two hours today (now!) and three tomorrow. I am infinitely grateful because tired does not even begin to describe how I feel right now, so I am happy to be in bed, starting to catch up on things missed and late, and to tend to myself a little bit. I intend to make myself a good dinner tonight, something hearty and comforting and good, savor a glass of good wine and call it a day on the early side.