S-R cake a hit, tartlets extremely done -oops-, rose jelly

This cake is fabulous. I adapted Andrew Knowlton's French Yogurt Cake into this, and it's magnificent. Five other people tasted and were equally enthused. Mamma mia! I also made these tartlets which I'm sure will taste wonderfully, but I forgot them in the oven (had been turned off at least) when I went to pick Oliver up so the fruit is veeerry cooked. Ah well. Think caramelization! The one on the far right looks different because I experimented by adding cooked straw-rhu puree instead of the uncooked fruit.

Lastly, I'm making a batch of my lovely rose jelly for a small catering order. I'll have several half-pints leftover so if anyone is interested in snapping them up, let me know! It's delicious on its own as well as atop lemon curd. Ridic!