Roasted King salmon with Rosti, fingerling sweet potatoes, green beans

Tom loves the cheese and sausage balls, and we both agree that we like them in this order (best, first): andouille, hot Italian (almost such a close second it's a tie), chorizo. Yum. For dinner tonight, I wanted to use the russets that I bought for Thanksgiving but didn't use then and had recently seen a rosti (pretty much a potato pancake) with gravlax recipe that looked fab. T doesn't like smoked or cured salmon, so I decided to oven roast some King salmon and then flake that over the top. The recipe calls for a horseradish-sour cream sauce + caper berries. Yum. I used up the rest of our crème fraîche for this, and the extra made a lovely dipping sauce for the sweet potatoes. I also had leftover herbed butter from the chicken kiev a couple weeks back so tossed these green beans in a skillet with that. Overall, a lovely dinner off our beaten track. And how lovely does my rosti crust look? I flipped like a champ! No fear!