Roasted celery root! Yogurt-tahini dressing! Chard!

Why I've never oven-roasted celery root before is beyond me, but doing so results in a fabulous, new way of enjoying this root veggie. I peeled and cubed one celeriac bulb, tossed it with olive oil, salt and a mince of herbs and roasted it on a baking sheet in a 375 or 385 oven. Truly delicious. Did Mark Bittman recently mention working with celery root in this way? If so, he was right to suggest this method. Not a fab pic, but definitely a fab product.  Oliver and I went to the market today after his school let out because he HAD TO HAVE cinnamon graham crackers. That kid eats graham crackers like it's his job so at least the cinnamon option provides some variety. In any case, I came across this stunning bunch of chard and had to buy it. Also, I assumed I might finally get around to making one of the many flagged recipes in Jerusalem, and Yotam likes chard. Isn't this a show-stopper bunch? Nature's fluorescent spectrum can't be beat.








It turned out that I lacked time and energy for and at least one ingredient from every recipe under consideration, so I ended up making a chard stew of sorts with sumac, tomatoes, potatoes and an unreal yogurt-tahini dressing. I will post that recipe tomorrow and suggest putting it on everything from falafel to bread to steamed potatoes and dipping other veggies in it with abandon!