Pizza, welcome back Bill

I just can't publish our pizza pics from tonight, as they wouldn't make your mouth water. The color balance is just.not.there. and really, I was disappointed in my photos. In any case, do try this combo: olive oil, red pepper flakes, slivered garlic, green tomato slices, lots of fresh basil, mixed baby kales/collards, mozzarella di bufala, Maldon. Delicious! Especially on the grill. Y'all, we ate our 'za while in hysterics during last night's Real Time. Welcome back, Bill! Reihan Salam is still an overly-amped up shill for the Repubs, Alex Wagner is infinitely appealing, why is Mark Cuban a frequent guest?, and Chelsea Handler's got a great dead-pan. I about peed in my pants laughing 3-4 times. Thank goodness for folks like Bill who might, just might, make the months until the election tolerable.