On the 7th hour, she got a glass of wine

Whoa, taking a Sabbath over here! There is a magnificent lemon-raspberry cheesecake in the oven, fresh raspberry curd (beyond divine!) cooling in the fridge -it will "ice" the cheesecake- and the chocolate-almond cake is cool. I'll make and ice it with the chocolate ganache tomorrow I think. I've got 48 jars of jam, pickles, brandied peaches and such all ready to go but while the cheesecake is cooking and I enjoy this well-deserved glass of wine, I'm going to check over them all again and make sure they're properly labeled. I've gone through 10 cups of flour, tons of eggs and butter, a fair amount of sugar and lots of elbow grease. This is definitely fun but definitely tiring. And in no way would this be possible without the generous help of my mother-in-law who hurried Oliver away to pick Jack up from school and then took them both to her house until tomorrow night. Many thanks, Grands! I'm off to organize in as prostrate a fashion as possible. Stay tuned, and if you're in the DC area, consider coming out to the Arts Market tomorrow.

Info one last time: Circle Yoga 3838 Northampton St, NW (just off Conn Ave by Chevy Chase Circle) 2-6p www.circleyoga.com