Not generally one for prayer, but...

I'm not a religious woman but I gotta admit that I'm in full scale, prostrate beg to anyone in any heavens who can see fit to make damn sure that school resumes tomorrow. Yes, I have heard about the newest snow threat, and I am choosing to actively ignore that because, plain and simple, I truly cannot bear one more day at home with the boys. Today was deeply exhausting; some parts bad, some parts good, but utterly wrenching in every way and I don't have another such day in me. The kids were absolute angels at the service project- they packaged hundreds of lunches like indefatigable, enthusiastic lottery winners. Literally they said, "this is so much fun and wonderful!!" I was bursting with pride. They were taxing talkers but good eaters on our lunch date. I  was grateful that nothing went to waste. They enjoyed the Lego movie. I was happy about this because I found it average for our $26 bill and realized midway through that we still had to go to grocery store afterwards because some of the stuff I'd purchased last Thursday for school Valentine's lunches (rescheduled for tomorrow) was eaten over the weekend. In aggregate and starting from 6am, the fifth day of such hands-on'ness and required open ear'ness has left me completely enervated. It was one of those evenings during which I actually wanted to cry but couldn't because I literally lacked the energy to do so. Days like these are some of the lowest in my book. They are upsetting and lonely and they ask more than most of us have. Ross Douthat, I do hear you about some of the parental whining trend you discussed on Sunday, but this -today and days like it- is the sort of sincere reflection that is not whining but rather a call for help of sorts about why we really need a reassessment of the ways we parent in this country in modern times.

Thank god for leftover gumbo. And Applejack Rabbits.

If I see Miley Cyrus' tongue one more time I might start a petition for a worldwide restraining order against it. Also, Syria. Bashar al-Assad is such a heinous excuse for a human being. Truly, he is a despicable monster who needs one hell of a deathly comeuppance. My opinion.

Did y'all see this fabulous ad campaign out of Barneys? It's in support of the National Center for Transgender Equality and the LGBT Community Center in NYC. Fantastic!