Kale-quinoa pilaf a'coming, beautiful day, full afternoon ahead

Mmm...do y'all groove on quinoa (pron: keen-wah)? I LOVE it. I love that it is packed with nutrients, love that each little quinoa likes like a miniature Saturn when cooked, love that it goes with so many things providing a nice foundation but not a meek one. It's easy to cook, easy to love, so don't be intimidated. Tonight we are going to enjoy a one-pot kale and quinoa pilaf. Goat cheese, pine nuts, walnut oil, my beloved lacinato kale and quinoa. I've been wanting to try this recipe for quite some time as it was a gold cup winner on food52 and foodie friend C made it this week and said it was superb. For dinner it will be! It is an absolutely gorgeous day today and quite cool. I tried to switch O out of his shorts and into pants for school, but he wouldn't have it: "I like cold things, mom." Okee-doke.

I've got lots to do this afternoon but am looking forward to solo-marketing, my pedi, coffee-buying and such.