I swore it was Friday

Readers, when I just realized that today is only Thursday (a: should have known that since I wrote about Friday's One Day Deal a few hours ago; b: it doesn't really matter because most days are nearly the same), I was taken aback. Some weeks are WTF-long, you know?! I went full speed, all engines firing all day thinking, erroneously, that I could take a load off when my sitter arrived around 3:45. No, as 5p neared, I realized she wasn't coming. She's in Atlanta. I vaguely remember her telling me about this but clearly it didn't fully absorb. Disappointing. So instead of R&R, I took the boys out to practice riding their bikes; that is decidedly not R&R. I did get a lot done, we did save some money. I'm still extremely happy about the terrific responses to my fennel dishes, I am grateful for delicious leftovers of red beans and rice. I am extremely tired and heading upstairs soon. Bed.

In the heat of today, several tulips opened to receive the sun. It's supposed to rain heavily tonight (which, per the accuracy of our local weathermen might mean not at all) and we need it. I was just outside putzing in the garden, and it does feel like rain is nigh. When I don't need to be somewhere, as you may know by now, I love a good storm. I loved the heaviness out there, the sense of something coming. Spring snow. That's what I think when I see the crab-apple blossoms floating to the earth, pushed from their branched abodes by the wind. Even a gentle breeze will do, really. The blossoms aren't overly attached. The pinky-white petals pool on the ground, a more beautiful form of precipitation than most. I exhaled deeply and headed in.

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spring snow