That's really all I have to say in wrapping up today: Friday. One lonely word but so many suggested sentiments within. Declaration- It's Friday, yo! Fact- Literally, today is Friday. A way of placing ourselves in time- For some the end of the week, for others the Sabbath, some cheer the emergent weekend, others think 'who gives a rat's tush." Reflection- Wow, another week gone by. How was it? What did I do/accomplish/enjoy? How might I have erred? And so forth and so on.

I had a nice day overall. The cakes, a lovely walk with Percy and a neighbor and her new grandson, an impressive thunderstorm, dinner with T. Just a bit ago, I ran upstairs for something, saw J's light on and immediately barged in. He was sitting in a seriously invested way on the pot reading Harry Potter 3. And when I say sitting, I actually mean that it looked like his butt had moved into the bowl, so low-slung was it. "Jack, it is two hours past your bedtime! What are you doing?" "Going to the bathroom, Mom." "But why are you up, and what have you been doing?" as I spy his sketch pad and a pen propped on his pillow. "Nothing, Mom!" "Oh really? Not sketching?" "Er, no Mom, definitely no." I can see that he's a lot further along in his book than when I last checked at 6:40p.

Do I love that he grooves on reading? Yes! Without a doubt! Does the fact that he's been up this late now two nights in a row make me double relieved I'm heading to NY tomorrow? For shizzle! He was bordering on nutso all afternoon, so I don't envy T's duties tomorrow. Not a lick.

The shrimp salad was totally average, and I wouldn't recommend that recipe. I would, however, definitely recommend the Casa Noble reposado tequila! Muy bien! I made a simple margarita- tequila, lime, simple syrup, one huge ice sphere. Perfection. It was nice with the shrimp. I mean, shrimp are just good. So even when they're average, they're still not bad. And a good margarita is always nice, and then alongside I'd made some herbed (mint-cilantro-dill) yogurt breadsticks and a coriander oil for dipping. Those were solid. An easy Friday meal. Friday.

shrimp and watermelon in tequila lime sauce


PS- Wanna know something interesting? I was updating Em-i-lis Essays, adding in yesterday's piece to the On Feeling Disappointment essay, and I noticed that it was almost exactly this time last year that I wrote the original bit.