Cooking for one

Did anyone see the marvelous sounding Fennel al Forno recipe in today's NYTimes? I immediately went out and bought some fennel. Naturally, I forgot the mozzarella, but as I already feel like I would win the Best Attendance award if the market were to track such a thing, I am sure I'll be back soon enough and will cook it soon. The dish, an elegant gratin of sorts, is not the sort of thing I'd cook just for me anyway, and as I'm solo tonight, I'm going in another direction. It's still TBD but will definitely be veggie-heavy and lovely. Last night, when I ran out to our garage freezer to get the steaks (I swear by these Piedmontese medallions that I buy from Heritage Foods USA), I was thrilled to discover a huge bag of rhubarb that I'd bought at the farmer's market last summer, chopped and frozen. I'm going to make Melissa Clark's Strawberry-Rhubarb-Meyer lemon jam sometime soon. Doesn't that sound like a beautiful bright spot in the midst of a cold February?

Off to feed the starving heathens. At least they're excited about their salmon, broccoli and fruit.