Caul, revolting news

I woke with a start at 5:47a, realizing then that neither T nor I had set an alarm. Oops. I'm sure all would have been fine since at 5:48 I heard Oliver calling, "I want you to please come in my room, Mommy, because I have something to show you and also I need to poop." Ah, indispensable mommy. Jack, meanwhile, was furtively building an international super spy Lego vehicle in his room.I sure do love those little boys.

I got dressed and went to check the seals on the pickled cauliflower- all perfect and I will really enjoy these, well, those I don't sell.

Now at the airport waiting to board, I'm reading with utter repulsion and disgust an article about the Taliban gunning down a young girl because she publicly talked about how much she wants an education. Those men don't deserve to be called or considered human. They are revolting beings with less in the way of humanity than dogs. I feel no qualms in saying that I hope there's a seventh circle waiting for them somewhere.