Cakes perfect, cornbread ingredients at the ready, food mill ordered, to bed

Gosh I'm tired. The cakes turned out beautifully and are now wrapped snugly in anticipation of being iced tomorrow. Interestingly, the Bake Even strips added nearly 5 minutes of cook time; I wasn't expecting that. Has anyone else had that experience? As well, all cornbread components are at the ready, and I'm pleased to report that this time after I minced my chile pepper, I did not rub my eye but rather washed my hands for quite a while with warm, soapy water. Chile + eye or nasal membrane = REGRET.

I also pulled the trigger on a good quality food mill. Though I lust for all things Rosle, I just cannot bring myself to even consider spending what they ask. Yikes! So I went with one that got great reviews -OXO- and is much kinder to the wallet. Apple butter is in my near future, and I just couldn't fathom picking out by hand every lingering apple peel in the mix.

This gal is tired as get out. Buona notte!