Breakfast of champs, on tap!, poll

This is a solid way to start the day! No doubt about it. Wonderful fruit - hark! despite the weather, summer must be a'coming! - Greek yogurt, and honey. I wanted some mint but was a tad too lazy to boogie outside and get some. Hey, there's a serious chill in the air; I'd just been out to fetch my compost bin and in my haste to get back inside my warm cocoon of a house, I neglected to pick mint. So, image a sprig of mint in this pic and you'll be set. While I really like Greek yog, especially with honey, I really love ricotta. Not a surprise, I know. How many times a week do I talk about the damn ricotta. Many! And so today, I will be making some. I am also craving a mess of greens so will do something along those lines as well.

I'm heading off to Pilates soon- it's been a week since I had any substantive exercise, and my muscles are crying out for it. I also need the mental health benefits it provides because really, T is still not home and the week is starting to drag what with the really(!) early mornings - 5:17a this morning when Jack rolled into the corner of his nightstand with his head; yes, this hurts, but I wish he could have waited until at least 6a- and verbal tsunami that breaks on no parental beach but moi. This morning has been lovely overall, but it kills me when the kids fight because they have different conceptions of the pretend game they're playing. I'm like, guys, NOTHING here is real. Let's take it down a notch.

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