Blog good as new, fresh pasta with leek confit, kale and Bucheron

My tech guy (aka my husband) imported the remaining posts that were omitted during the latest servergeddon. So, as you were probably dying to look anew at all the recipes and pretty pics, funny tales and fabulous writing that went up during that blackout, you may now do so. ;) I am tired.

Today was lovely but nonetheless, I am so tired. We're making fresh fettucine, and I'm using a the extra leek confit from all those tarts on Thursday + the extra Bûcheron + some Red Russian and lacinato kale from the garden. Yum. I cooked the greens in some whey, added a bit of red pepper and the slightest, tiniest, sprinkle of nutmeg, and chilled a nice rosé. Was Bill Maher on vacation last night? I think so. Boo. In any case, I think I need to get to bed early.

Tomorrow, I'm going to the Food in Jars demo at the Dupont farmers market -yay- and will get a good supply of yummy stuff to cook this week. Ooh, off to sauce the pasta!