Arts Market inventory- start lickin' your lips!

I am getting super excited about the Circle Yoga Arts Market this coming Saturday, Sept 8. It starts at 1:00 and runs until 4:00. If you've not yet looked into it, click here for more information! In the meantime, I wanted to share with you a rough draft list of all I'll be selling on Saturday. Get excited, come hungry, and remember, canned goodies make great holiday gifts!!!


strawberry-rhubarb-lemon strawberry-rhubarb-orange strawberry-vanilla cherry-cardamom sour cherry plum-cherry lightly spiced plum plum-basil rhubarb-plum-star anise rhubarb apple butter Sicilian blood orange marmalade peach-apricot-almond watermelon preserves savory pluot- great with cheese white peach rosemary plum butter Methley plum peach pie jam Mexican plum- great with cheese


gingered carrots garlic scapes squash dilly beans okra green tomatoes watermelon rinds apple chili chutney- great with cheese cauliflower

Desserts and dessert sauces

sour cherry-apricot-st.germain blueberry pie filling (all you need to do is pour in a crust or under a crumble topping and bake!) cherry cardamom sauce brandied peaches


coffee cake rhubarb scones spelt-cherry-cardamom scones pumpkin-plum muffins vegan walnut-date scones


brownies- pecan brownies- walnut brownies- plain blackberry pies, small and large pecan-oatmeal pies, small and large vegan vanilla cupcakes coconut macaroons- almonds/cherries caramelized crispy rice bark- vegan Oh my Lemon! cakelets


red beans and rice, by the bowlful collard and cheese handpies spicy bar nuts