Community Questions: Can I make Chocolate Chip Banana Bread in advance?

Question/tip from Minal: I am looking at your delicious chocolate chip banana bread recipe. Is the batter something I can make in advance and then bake shortly before serving so the house smells delicious? Or does the loaf have to be baked right after you make the batter because of the baking soda / rising, etc?

Answer: I definitely recommend baking the bread immediately after mixing the ingredients together. The wet and dry components will start to react immediately upon combination and the leavening and texture could be compromised by too much rest time. If you want to do anything ahead, feel free to whisk together the dry ingredients and cover them tightly, and prepare and properly store the correct amounts of the other ingredients (get the right amount of bananas, butter, etc) until you're ready to make the bread.

After you cook the bread, let it cool completely before wrapping it tightly in plastic to store at room temp. Enjoy!!