Compost Salad

Take: whatever kind of lettuce/greens you have (I like mesclun, herbs, endive and radicchio) and everything else you have that you like; toss together in a bowl with dressing; put on a plate. Today, for example, I used mesclun, herbs, romaine (I find the crunchiness of the stems very pleasing), a tomato, the two remaining potatoes from the potato salad, the remaining roasted veggies from a few days back, the extremely small part of the avocado that Oliver didn’t want, leftover celery root-apple salad…you get the drift and why I call this compost salad.

Now, I must say that I feel strongly that you make your OWN salad dressing. A simple vinaigrette is NOT hard (see recipe below) and is infinitely better and better for you than store bought. I like a nice crunchy cracker on the side, like Finn Crisps which are 100% rye so a nice earthy flavor.


Elan Morgan

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