I have taught Canning and Preservation classes throughout the DC metro area since 2011. Some group classes are held in local stores, while other smaller groups and private lessons are hosted in my home kitchen.
Canning is a wonderful way of preserving seasonal specialties for later enjoyment and use. I put up nearly 100 pounds of tomatoes every summer, for example, and come January, I'm awfully glad to still have the pleasure of cooking with tomatoes picked at the peak of freshness and taste. Canned goods also make fabulous gifts for teachers, family, friends, hosts and co-workers.
Favorite recipes that I look forward to making this summer include: Peach Apricot Almond; Strawberry Rhubarb; Plum Basil; Rhubarb Ginger; Blackberry; Ginger Peach Rhubarb; and Roasted Tomato Jam.

From home, I also teach Pie-Making 101 which demonstrates both oil- and butter-crust pies. I've found over the years that pie crusts are personal; you tend to love what you grew up eating. I myself prefer oil crusts for sweet pies and butter crusts for savory ones.
With a pie plate and a tart pan, you can easily make incredible meals. Regular sweet and savory pies in my rotation include: Herbed Tomato; Plum; Blackberry; Strawberry Rhubarb; Coconut; and Caramelized Shallot, Cabbage and Tasso.

Classes run two to two-and-a-half hours, are hands on, lots of fun and include plenty of samples to taste and take home. Come alone, come with friends! Most classes with fewer than two registrants will be cancelled or rescheduled.

If you're interested in hosting a group class in your home, we can certainly work that out. Please contact me if you're interested. 

I've also been fortunate to be invited to help judge preserves and pickles at local and national competitions and fairs. There is so much good eating out there, y'all!



Click a class title to start the payment process for your spot in the class. Each class spot must be bought individually, as my system doesn't allow sales of multiples. I look forward to seeing you!



The Best Pie-Making Class

Sara W. on July 28, 2018: 

I took a wonderful pie-making class with my family and Emily. She was absolutely a wonderful instructor and we had a fabulous time making her family recipes of a peach/apricot pie and a blackberry pie. Emily is passionate, talented, and a motivating chef and teacher. Her true love for pie is shown in every step. I highly recommend taking a class with her! 

The gift of confidence!

Ann R. on July 4, 2016: 

Emily's canning 101 class was wonderful. Her teaching style is clear and she leaves plenty of time for questions. Not only did I leave with absolute confidence that I could go home and can delicious jams, jellies, and pickles (which I have already done multiple times since the class!) but I had absolute confidence that it would be fun. Thanks for a great class, Emily!

Canning Thursday June 23

Gay Sills on June 24, 2016:

Emily's canning class in her lovely house is absolutely fantastic. It's a hands-on course where I learned every step of canning from beginning to end. I think it's the best way to make sure I will be successful in making various types of jams. I saw how to know when the jam is ready not only with a thermometer but with the bubbles and sheeting off the spoon. These are things I needed to see up close to understand. I recommend her in home canning classes. You will learn a lot and have a great time.

Canning Class @ Emily's

Megan Johnson on June 18, 2016:

What an inspiring way to spend a summer Saturday
morning - I now want to buy all of the fruits and can them!
This class was so full of content - lots of tips and tricks -
but in the mostrelaxed, enjoyable way. Emily is wonderfully
encouraging and made canning seem like a completely
achievable (and fun) project.
I feel like I learned a lot and can't wait to start putting all of
these ideas to use!

Pie Making 101

Monica Harms on February 23, 2016:

Everyone knows that Emily's pies are delicious. You can literally taste the love in every bite. What I didn't know is that she has the unique ability to teach others who are far less savvy in the kitchen her secrets in a fun and sincere way. I took one of Emily's classes with a small group and had such a great time learning her tricks. She has a deep understanding of food and the science behind everything on the plate. I love her passion for everything delicious. I left her class feeling like I could conquer the pie world.

Response: I am so happy that you enjoyed class, felt you learned so much, and believe that you can make a great pie. You can!! Thank you for this delicious review and for attending class!


Strosnider's Jam Cooking seminar

ELLEN LARSEN on September 2, 2015:

I had never made jam before and when I saw Strosnider's seminar, I was intrigued to go. Emily was knowledgeable about the fruit and the science of making jam. She was so complete with her verbal and written instructions that I have made several of her jam recipes with little difficulty. All the jam lovers I know have said her recipes are delicious.

ResponseThank you so much for this lovely review, Ellen. I always love teaching and have really enjoyed staying in touch with you since the spring class at Strosniders. I've been thrilled by your enthusiasm and impressed by your output. I'm happy that the class and my written recipes have been so helpful to you and am particularly happy you've enjoyed my jams.


Quite the Personality!

Twins Ace Hardware on March 12, 2015:

This review is on behalf of Twins Ace Hardware in Fairfax. We have had Emily at our store a number of times to conduct canning seminars over the last few years. She is the definition of someone who has a way with people. Effusive, inviting, and always smiling; she constantly brings in a crowd every time she comes to the store. She constantly develops different recipes to prepare that are very seasonal and appealing to everyone. We always have customers that constantly ask after every seminar when we will be scheduling the next one. On top of all of that, she brings some of her canning specialties that are also quite the hit with the crowd, (myself included.) I could not recommend Emily higher if I tried, but I want to make sure that she is still able to come here and host our seminars!

ResponseIt is always an absolute pleasure to teach for y'all! I love Twins Ace! Thank you so much for having me back repeatedly and for hosting such great classes. 


Canning Class in Emily's Kitchen

Lucille Barale Ceurvorst on September 29, 2013:

Emily really knows her stuff. The class in her kitchen was well organized and well presented. Emily will happily teach as much of the technical details of canning as you wish, but she will also show you how easily you can get right to it yourself. I appreciated that she had compiled a well-edited list of key books and web-sites for canning. No need to be intimidated by the complexities -- Emily has it figured out!

Response: Thank you so much, Lucille! It was a pleasure to work with you, and I look forward to keeping in touch and hearing about your canning adventures!


JAM-A-RAMA : Best jams!

Laura Shubert on July 08, 2013:

I recently purchased some jam from Em-i-lis. It is simply out of this world. To be honest, it’s possible to find jam that is very good—not so easy to find jam that is exceptionally well done. What this woman can do with rhubarb—well, it’s a talent. My family and friends shared the rhubarb pie and rhubarb-strawberry –lemon jams on fresh baked scones for July 4th breakfast. Sad to say we polished it off—jars licked completely clean.
The jams and other items were attractively decorated with the Em-i-lis logo and packed carefully, making the journey from Washington, DC to my small northern New Mexico town with no breakage or spills. Shipping was very fast!
I also purchased mango chutney, apricot –peach –almond jam and 3 citrus marmalade, and all are intended for gifts—but if they are anything like what we’ve already sampled—they may not be leaving our house!

Response: Well, this is just such an incredibly wonderful review. Thank you very much! I am so pleased that y'all liked the jams so much and to enjoy them atop scones, well, that's the way to go!


Delicious Food, Beautifully Presented

Carrie Phillips on February 5, 2012:

As I sit savoring Em-i-lis plum and port jam, warm and drizzled on fresh bread, I feel compelled to write a review.  When I warm the jam on the stove, the scent is amazing and it's perfect on a cold winter morning.  I picked up this jam along with the apricot-peach almond (long ago devoured!) at a festival in DC a couple of months ago.  Since then I've tried the pumpkin cheesecake with a gingersnap crust, several types of muffins and the meatballs. Oh, the meatballs!  Delicious!  My kids said it was the best dinner they'd ever had, and I had to agree that they were amazing.  I plan on having Em-i-lis cater an upcoming luncheon and am sure my guests will enjoy!

Pie Making: Yes, it's possible!

Minal Damani Kundra on September 10, 2015:

I thoroughly enjoyed a morning of pie making with Emily. I had been anticipating the 2 hour session all summer, and the class lived up to my expectations. After trying her delicious pies a number of times, I was especially motivated to see the magic behind the crust. Indeed, I learned, part of the magic IS the crust! Emily provides a very down-to-earth, hands on demonstration of how to embark on a seemingly impossible feat: how to make a butter and olive oil pie crust. In addition to ample quantities of wit and charm, Emily provides sensible tips and short-cuts (e.g. food processor) for our time restricted lives. We made a peach and a blackberry pie, and guess what, pie making IS something I would attempt to do at home so I consider the class a whooping success! Thanks Em!

Response: I'm thrilled that you have felt so courageous since class, and I do hope you try to make a pie soon. I know you can! :) Thank you for this great review and for attending class!


Pie Baking 101 !!!

E. Portnoy on August 30, 2015:

Thank you so much for your inspiring Pie Baking 101 class! I have always enjoyed baking, but after many attempts at making dough & pie crusts, I decided that Pie baking was not going to be on my resume. After the 2 hour class in your kitchen, I was inspired. 24 hours later I made my first pie for my family and they loved it! Thank you for all of your patience, and your confident easy-attitude teaching family thanks waistline does not!

ResponseThank you so much for your enthusiastic participation in class and this lovely review. It was an absolute pleasure to teach you, and I'm thrilled that you've already put your new knowledge to use!!


Canning Class: sweet sensation!

Deborah Doddy on October 3, 2013:

We had a delightful morning at Emily's wonderful home, making and canning rhubarb ginger jam at a canning class for 5, which Emily generously donated to our school auction. Emily is a gem: knowledgeable, experienced, warm, gracious, creative, fun and a fantastic teacher. While we prepared and canned our lovely jam, we tasted other incredible creations by Emily on bread -- a loaf that she had baked at home that morning just for our class. A memory to be treasured. Thankfully, we were able to buy a few jars of her other jams to take home and to give to my sisters at Christmas! I will certainly try to organize another class from Emily with some friends in the future. In the meantime, I have signed up for Emily's daily email on which has given me great joy every day -- in addition to delicious recipes. Keep on writing, Emily! Thank you!

Response: What an unbelievably lovely note, Deborah! Thank you so very much for your kind, generous note, and for coming to class. I'm so glad you enjoyed everything, including, now, your Daily Em-i-lis! Many thanks!! Emily


Great fun!

Kirstin on September 28, 2013:

Thanks for a wonderfully informative jam canning class! It was great fun! I'm ready to go out and do more canning!

Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed class, Kirstin! Can't wait to hear what you make next. Thanks so much! Emily


Love Letter Jelly

Elia Nichols on May 1, 2012:

I so enjoyed Em-i-lis' Love Letter Jelly. It is made from red rose petals, and it is like no other jelly that I've had. It isn't really a jelly or a jam. It's a bit lighter than both, and is also translucent. The color is gorgeous. And the lovely delicate, not too sweet, just enough, is a treat in the morning. I've used it over melba toast as I would use jam. But I've also poured it over vanilla ice cream and it is to die for! I also appreciated the story behind it. You can tell the jelly was made with love!

Response: Thank you so much! I think it's really special too and am so glad you love it.


Thanksgiving in a Jam Jar

Sara Jane on November 29, 2011:

This year we had Emily's cranberry sauce at our Thanksgiving table, and it was a true hit! Of course I over ordered so that I could indulge all by myself after the hype of the holiday, and I am so glad that I did! Mmmmmmm…



Lynn on October 9, 2011:

This was the best chutney I have ever tasted. Great on top of baked chicken. Turned an ordinary chicken dish into an amazing entree!