Tom says "2 thumbs up", me, I'm just not a pork gal

This was very lovely in a rustic French kind of way, the bleu cheese-walnut-fig stuffing was terrific, and the quince-persimmon-ginger spread oozed off the top of the loin and contributed to a very yummy sauce. T was quite enthusiastic about dinner as a whole; I was reminded that I'm just not a real pork girl. Pigs are smart and cute, and I don't ever really enjoy eating them, except for the random piece of well-done bacon, or bacon as a flavoring. I actually really struggle with this, morally, and Jonathan Safran Foer's Eating Animals is prominent in my to-read pile. For now, I eat pork maybe two times a year and cooked this one tonight for my dear hubby. With dinner, I opened a bottle of the Qupé 2006 Bien Nacido Syrah. Delish!! T thought it was a perfect pairing. And we're off.