Gorgeous evenings here lately. 


We bought a new home, and I've been on an emotional twister since. So much to do, immense excitement, packing, purging, remembering. 

I remember being 17 and leaving the home I'd lived in for ten years. Mom and I sat in my old room and cried and cried, years of memories and laughter and trials in those walls. 

Almost ten years into this house, I feel exactly the same.  


The whole family is on board with Sherlock, an utter delight to this fan. We've lost the pipe- what happened to it? Perhaps it'll be found during the move next month. 

Tom's birthday is tomorrow, and his parents invited the kids to stay tonight and tomorrow night. This time together is really the best gift they could give us. 

Tonight we stopped at Macon Bistro for a quick meal at the bar before seeing The Big Short.  

Fallen grits soufflé with shrimp and sorrel, salad and fried chicken with mac-n-cheese and collard greens! Delish! 


The Big Short was incredible. Seriously. Let us be warned and let such lunacy be possible again.  

I miss the boys tonight, just their quiet, sleepy presences. This apartness is good for us all though, and I'm grateful.