Waltzing and cupcakes

I know you have all been champing at the bit to hear how the first night of cotillion was. Did J's clothes hurt all evening? Was learning to waltz horrific?

I am thrilled to share that his shoes and stiff collar quickly ceased inflicting pain, "the waltz is not very hard. I can teach you, Mom!" and my dear child learned the six steps of proper self-introduction.

Can I get an amen for this latter feature of cotillion? Stand up, smile and make eye contact, extend hand, shake firmly and pump twice, and introduce self. I was so overjoyed by this lesson that I may have issued some sort of bribe: I'm going to be watching you, honey, and every time I see you introduce yourself OR, if you already know the person, smile/make eye contact/inquire about their well-being I will make a mental note and you may very well receive some sort of reward after some time passes.

As it turns out, Jack started a business yesterday, Jack's Silver Polishing, and made business cards. He was going to drop them in people's mailboxes, but I said, "Honey, you'd be better served by knocking on doors, using your new introduction skills, and handing out cards that way."

"OK, Mom. I'll try it." Will wonders never cease?!

He felt well-received so I do believe cotillion is and will continue to be a grand success. 

We had dinner with friends last night, by the way. Look at my cupcakes. Cute and festive, yes?