Yotam and Sami, a great read

My dear friend, C, and I (she of the two daughters who I love and have chatted about before), met up at the Metro tonight and headed downtown to the 6th and I synagogue to hear Joan Nathan moderate a discussion with Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi. That C and I took the Metro more than two stops on a school night is news enough really, but fortunately for us was not the main event. No, Tired 1 and Tired 2 were fully inspired to see the duo behind some of our favorite cookbooks, and we were not disappointed. Except possibly by Joan who was not an interviewer extraordinaire. But anyway...

Yotam and Sami were totally charming, witty, interesting and they wore cardigans which has us crushing all over them from what used to be the women's seating, high near the rafters of the shul. In concert , the men's accents and building's acoustics were just challenging enough that we focused as if watching a quickly-paced subtitled film, and I fear I missed every fifteenth word, but alas, good for the brain, and nothing detracted from their stories and banter.


We had our books signed and moseyed home. I'm in bed and bet C is too. Because T is in his firm's fantasy football league again this year, he's watching Monday Night Football like it's a lifelong passion yet one just discovered.


Before I pass out, I beseech you to read the Sunday Magazine from yesterday's New York Times. It's the Food & Drink issue and is fascinating, especially the story on Balthazar! Hop to it, y'all!