Thinking I was late, I texted a birthday note to my friend's daughter last night. "Whew, just under the line," I thought with relief.This morning I realized I was two days early. I drove so many silly miles today that Earth should sue me, but it is good news that all eight of J's cavities are now filled. I ate lunch at 3p which just isn't right but gives you some sense of the marathon I ran prior to it; figurative of course but no less onerous. That I can guarantee. A wild goose chase for purple Gatorade finally turned up this seemingly elusive drink. The elusive "below-100 unread messages" in my inbox remains a missing grail. Hubs got home at a normal time, and I fed him last night's dinner. We watched some Olympics and discerned an unfortunate new bit of choreography employed by too many skaters: a bend that in essence looks like they're attempting to take a dump in mid-skate. Who watches their choreographer and says, "yes, that's the move I simply must incorporate! It is so elegant." It is not. I told T that I was taking a basement night. Then I went upstairs to check in the boys and found that Jack was warm, stuffy and moaning. Sadly, for T, I'd already called basement night so suggested he put the kids' Advil on his nightstand. Hey, I'm the one on deck for tomorrow's snow day. And so goes another day. I'm off like a prom dress!