Salmon burgers, poached tuna salad dinner

Have I mentioned that it is sometimes quite nice to have an afternoon babysitter? I picked J up from theater, went to the gym and made a batch of salmon burgers and a beautiful dinner (unfortunately prettier than it was flavorful but ah well); hell, I even showered and did my hair. What a day! First, the salmon burgers. Is this freshly ground salmon not gorgeous? And the spinach! You can just see the healthfulness oozing everywhere. I didn't have plain feta, but I did have the Mediterranean feta salsa I sometimes rave about. So why not? Into the mix it went, and I made 5 regular-sized burgers and 1 mini one.

Concurrently, I got to work on this very simple dinner salad from food52. As y'all might know, I love tuna and white bean salads so thought this would be a nice variation on the one I usually make.

You cook these little potatoes and white beans, blanch the green beans and poach the tuna in olive oil, thyme and garlic. Then you toss everything together (and I added tomatoes) and serve with some sherry vinegar. I bought a gorgeous loaf of harvest bread and that + goat cheese was a lovely accompaniment to the salad.

Ultimately, truth be told, the salad I make is more flavorful than was this one, but ah well. Always nice to try new methods and recipes, and this salad is much prettier than mine.