Y'all, I have a Sunday confession. I love Alice Waters, I love what she's done, what she stands for, what she cares about, what she does. And I have her beautiful tome about vegetables which I refer to frequently. However, I must say that I'm always slightly underwhelmed and then feel a bit guilty but also the need to modify in some way. T and I went to Chez Panisse years ago and felt the same about our dining experience there; everything was so lovely but just not real memorable. Anyway, we made AW's roasted potatoes with thyme and garlic tonight. The result was, wait for it, lovely. But it needed something. So, I tossed in crumbled, peppered goat cheese and that result was smashing. Lick your chops good! So, AW, I tip my hat to you but I add a Louisiana, give-it-some-fat flair.