It's a family affair...

The ludicrous contagion persists. Now my dad is sick. Isn't this ridiculous? I've not left the apartment today; heck, I've rarely left the bed. Thanks to my dad's early bravado, my amazing hubby, and my dear mom, the boys had a great day: the secret passages tour, the Ponte Vecchio, pastries, a long walk around the city, a major bubble bath after coming home from all those activities looking and smelling like Dickensian street urchins, and now a completely age-inappropriate movie -as far as I can tell from what I'm hearing- Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Ah well. While out and about, T went by my favorite panificcio, La Pagnotta, and brought me a mess of coccoli, "little balls" of bread. They are perfectly buttery, perfectly salty and all-around addictive. I got a few down and was happy they stayed there.

Have you read Blood, Bones and Butter, by Gabrielle Hamilton? She's the chef/owner of Prune, a NYC spot that opened more than a decade ago. Anyway, if you need a good read, it's a "can't be put down" sort of book. She is wildly, searingly open and honest, and I'm glad we're not in the same family. Her work ethic is beyond reproach and you've got to hand it to her in that regard. Really engaging book- I finished it on the plane ride to Venice, and as there is much in the book about her time spent in Puglia, it was a good way to get excited about Italian food and cooking. Hopefully I can enjoy more of both soon!