Hubby makes me dinner! Random fact.

Did you know that in China "chopsticks alone consume nearly an acre of trees a day" (New Yorker, 12/2011)? Sad! Let's all start turning down offers of chopsticks with our take-out! Get your own pair and reuse! Do you ever have a day where everything seems destined to malfunction? This afternoon was one of those for me, and by dinnertime I just felt defeated. T said I should hit the couch while he cooked me dinner. What a doll. I'd bought some lovely King salmon today, and he found a recipe for a Bengali mustard sauce to go with it. It was really flavorful with a spicy punch on the back of the tongue. I love Indian spices and am just smitten with mustard, so what a great sauce pour moi.

For our side, I made a quick avocado-feta salad with leftover citrus salsa from a few days back. It lent the perfect, cooling, creamy accompaniment to the fiery kick of the salmon.