Friday food thoughts and misc

I have a gorgeous bunch of asparagus that I don't want to just roast tonight. So I'm going to christen my new Zuni Cafe cookbook and make grilled asparagus with pistachio aillade, a garlic-intense thick sauce made of ground pistachios, garlic, olive oil, orange zest and a splash of brandy. Sounds delish, oui? I think I'm also going to grill steaks and am eyeing a preserved lemon-thyme compound butter recipe to make for slathering over the top of the fresh-off-the-fire beef. If we are lucky enough to enjoy a fully rain-free day today, T and I might get to eat outside two nights in a row!

Lastly, I simply must make the creme fraiche cheesecake I found the recipe for a couple months back. I've had a less than swell few days so see no reason why I shouldn't wallow in cheesecake. Hey, at least I'm aware of the times I emotionally eat.

Do any of you have a Ped Egg? The made-for-TV foot shaving thingy? You can get them at CVS, and I'm telling you, they really work!

What are your thoughts on black exercise shoes? I'm really against them, especially when worn with shorts. Totally inconsequential observation, but for whatever reason, I feel strongly about it.

I just looked all around me for my phone and then realized I was typing on it. Good god.