Fabulous, easy lunch

I am, at present, rather obsessed with the harvest bread from Whole Foods. It's seedy, whole-grainy and moist without being mushy, dry or overly HEALTHFOODy. You know what I'm talking about.Anyway, I just made a great sandwich with it and wanted to share the recipe. 2 slices harvest bread (or your fave) Hummus Mediterranean feta salsa Smoked turkey Tomato Radicchio

Lightly toast the bread and then put as much of the other stuff as you want on them until you've got a sandwich! Sliced avocado is also a nice addition here.

For you moms, have you tried turkey roll-ups on your kids? As with smoothies, you can sneak in some pretty good stuff of which they're unaware and all they see is a cute little roll-up that tastes fantastic!