Dearest readers: It has come to my attention that as many of you have not been with me since Day 1 of this blog -when it was a smaller, unlinked babe versus the larger, linked site it is now- you may not know that Em-i-lis is a play on both my name, Emily, and my love of the symbol for my home state, Louisiana, the fleur-de-lis (also one of my favorite icons).

Thusly, Em-i-lis is pronounced Emily, and as I write mostly about food, cooking and eating, my background image, the spoon/fork/knife (which are actually my spoon/fork/knife) is meant to evoke the fleur-de-lis. For additional history on this, please see The Origin of Em-i-lis.

On the rare occasions that I write an Em-i-lis(t) of the day, then it's pronounced Em-i-list.


Hope this helps. Many thanks for reading and for feedback!