Blood orange marmalade

It is always interesting to learn new specifics about ingredients: the ways they behave in heat, cold, over time, and so forth. In searching for an orange marmalade that was without much of the bitterness I associate with many marmalades, I came across a recipe on Food in Jars, a great blog about canning and preserving. It's for a Blood Orange marmalade and requires that you thinly slice the oranges and soak overnight in the fridge in a bowl of water. Apparently this breaks down the pith and tenderizes the fruit, lessening the bitter factor all the while. Doesn't this look beautiful? I find the rich -almost vulgar- variegated coloration of the blood oranges to be totally compelling. Their flesh is like a sunset that you just can't believe; only nature can produce such spectacular occurrences. I used 4 blood oranges and 1 Cara Cara because it's such a pretty pink. I'm also thinking of adding a bit of candied ginger during cooking tomorrow.