Afternoon coffee and biscotti, watching your kids from afar

I was the parent library volunteer for Jack's class today, and the kids are just so cute. J was wearing his madras pants, a polo, belt and "fancy" shoes, and I gotta say that seeing him come in in that outfit, behave so well, look so happy- well it just made my heart burst with love and pride. I find that often when you think you need a ginormous break from your kids, you sometimes just need to see them in a different light. Yes, sometimes you should run for the hills, but on other occasions, a new perspective makes you fall in love with them all over again.

I think that's why I go into each boy's room every night after they're asleep. Sometimes I just look at them, other times I snuggle them to pieces. In either case, I see them quiet, at peace, safe and secure, and I know that I've done and am doing my best. They are happy and, by and large, healthy, and it is a gift to be their mother.

I also recommend an afternoon off! At present, I'm enjoying a coffee am biscotti, having just done most of the shopping for Thursday's tea sandwich marathon.