Good morning, homemade breadcrumbs

OMG, woke up at 5:45 because Percy was frantically running up and down the stairs. When I woke, I realized I’d been dreaming about Oliver and Jack having been up all night, and some crazy in-law ruining a cake I’d spent hours making. Needless to say, I do not feel rested.

Nonetheless, good morning to you.

I’m going to have a vat of coffee, finish my grocery list and then make homemade breadcrumbs. This is SO easy to do, and they taste SO much better than store-bought ones. Try it!

Take extra baguette you might have (I purposefully bought a larger-than-needed loaf the other day, knowing I needed to replenish my breadcrumb supply), and if it’s hardcore crusty, remove the crusts. Before it gets too stale (read: intractable and hard), slice it up thinly or into cubes and let it dry out until pretty darn tough. Put into your food processor, warn others of the noise that’s about to ensue, and turn that puppy on high. Voila! You have breadcrumbs. Store in a ziploc in your pantry.