Some green tips for consideration

As I change the batteries on Oliver’s front-loader for the nth time this summer, I think with dismay about all the products in my home that require batteries. To be sure, batteries serve many great purposes and enable many great things, BUT they are super toxic to the environment. Did you know they can be recycled? Yes! Great news!

We have, as a constant presence in our coat closet, a Battery Recycling bag. Rather than tossing used ones into the garbage, destined to poison some land, some where, I take them over to Ace Hardware and their recycling bin. So easy, feels so good.

Ace also recycles CFL bulbs, so instead of tossing those mercury-laden puppies in the garbage, set up another bag in your closet, make one trip count for two and when you head to Ace to bring the batteries, bring your CFLs simultaneously.

I also wanted to note a great program started in 2009 by Origins, the make-up and skincare chain. They accept for recycling all of their own and competitors’ cosmetic tubes, jars, containers, etc. So, in bag 3, toss all old cosmetics and those won’t head into the Earth either.

For more info about this great program, see:

Lastly, if you use Aveda products, they will accept those containers back for recycling so keep that in mind before you toss.

And, for those of you who know me, I’m happy to be your recycling center. Bring any of the aforementioned stuff to me, and I’ll happily take it along when I drop off.