Why my dog makes me nuts

Yesterday, I didn’t get a chance to take Percy for a walk, so he peed near Jack’s bed. I didn’t discover this until bath time, so now there is large dark spot on Jack’s floor.

This morning, I did take Percy for a walk and he is just so ill-behaved. He poops multiple times on each walk and does so by lifting one leg as if to pee. This can’t be the easiest way to poop. Sometimes he stumbles, sometimes the poop hits his foot. HITS HIS OWN FOOT, people! And today we had the swinging around in circles to get the dangler to break free. Disgusting, people. Then the drag-the-butt-across-the-grass thing.

THEN, as if it could get worse, he pooped a second time, after I’d thrown away bag #1, and then escaped briefly and ran into the street like a streak of sausage. He has no idea about traffic, and I was really going to be irritated if, after this ridiculously annoying walk, I had to clean up smooshed Percy. I would be sad, but honestly, I’d also be peeved.

Good lord, Percy. I don’t need it in my life!