Our 4th, dinner musings

We’ve had a big day over here. This morning we visited our neighborhood police station with Jack dressed in full regalia. The two policewomen with whom we talked thought he looked extremely realistic, needing only a J. Grossi nameplate to wear. We took many photos, investigated the Cruiser 200 car and headed home. After Oliver’s nap, we went on a police patrol- Jack was the bike sheriff and walkie-talkie lead; Percy was the K9, walked by Tom who manned the other walkie-talkie; Oliver and I headed up the rear of the foot police brigade. Birthday boy is now finishing up Wish #4 which was to watch The Little Mermaid (“don’t fast-forward Ursula though because now I am 5 and won’t be scared”) and eat buttered popcorn.

Oliver has finally disconnected himself from my leg and, mercifully, has left me alone for approximately 6 minutes now.

Have y’all read this book? Go the F**k to Sleep by Adam Mansbach: Book CoverIt is freaking hilarious, like slap-yourself hilarious. I almost peed in my pants in Barnes and Noble this past weekend. Parents, a good way to vent if your kids don’t sleep/nap as much/long as you’d like.

I’m starting to feel hungry so am thinking of the following ways to start dinner…I found fresh figs at the market today so am going to broil them briefly with some Cana de Cabre, a Spanish goat cheese that is not overly tangy but definitely somewhat so and has a great rind on it.

I’m also dying to use all my radishes from Saturday’s Greenmarket so am going to do an easy recipe I found. Basically, you brown them in hot butter, splash them with salt and throw gobs of fresh mint on top. I also got some fresh Pain de Campagne and might dip it in my new EVOO.

Hark, the kids are here.