Pure Food/Lucky Duck, restaurant supply, Broadway

My friend, Lauren, told us to eat at Pure Food & Wine which happens to be one block from our hotel. I wasn’t familiar with it but it turns out it’s a raw/vegan place which immediately got me excited; Tom not so much. Fortunately they have a take-out annex around the corner. It was divine!!! I’m planning to return tomorrow to grab lunch for the train.

I ordered the lettuce wraps (collards today) with mango, cabbage, carrots, cashews, pea shoots and a tamarind sauce. Peeps, I can’t even tell you good, fresh, truly delicious these were. You could so clearly taste the flavors of mango, tamarind and the assorted veggies.

As we walked around afterwards, we happened upon a restaurant supply store which, as you may recall, is one of our favorite haunts. I got some mini tart pans and other little fun things to putz around with when we get home.

And now I’m mesmerized by The Normal Heart (intermission now)- what a cast, what a powerfully written play. I feel so lucky to be here (as is Nora Ephron) as there are only two weeks of the run left, and I scored a fabulous seat just 10 rows from the stage.

NY, you are truly remarkable.