Em-i-lis(t) of the day

1) I like the feeling of the train leaving the station- it’s nice to be on my way somewhere.

2) I like flowers that close at night, as if they’re going to sleep too. My portulaca shrink into tiny, pert cones each evening and then open gloriously when the sun rises.

3) I hate when places overcompensate for warm weather outside by making it so cold inside that blankets and a parka would be welcome. Unfortunately, this is presently the case in my train car.

4) I like when I don’t feel like I’m in a chatty mood but encounter someone who is and turns out to be really interesting. Such was the driver, Shah, this morning who talked so much that he missed a big turn -“very big mistake, I’m sorry”- but who was born in Afghanistan and really, we had such a thoughtful convo on the current conflict.

5) I like the two new summery toenail polishes I’ve discovered: OPI’s Lunch at the Delhi, and Essie’s Canyon Corral. Perfect pinky corals.

6) I cannot wait to get to NY and eat lots of fab stuff!

7) That apricot jam I made yesterday is really (!) good. I ate it from the jar last night for dessert.

8) What’s the truth in the DSK story?