T and I are headed to NYC this weekend, alone, and I am soooo excited. We’re staying right near the Union Square Greenmarket, and, as you can imagine, I plan to shop/eat there on multiple occasions. We’re also going to Red Cat and Gramercy Tavern, two restaurants I’ve long wanted to experience. And, as a random extra bonus to our hotel location (Un Sq), the Whole Foods there has these insanely good vegan spelt brownies (no, I swear, they are divine), and excellent coffee, Joe [the Art of Coffee], is nearby. We will also be heading to Stumptown for some Hairbender beans.

I just tried to buy Book of Mormon tickets but they are $637 apiece. Say what? So, we will, unfortunately, not be seeing that. The Normal Heart still has reasonably priced tickets though so I might try to convince T to come with me to that, or I might just go by myself.