Golden beets, sauteed greens with preserved lemon and sumac

As usual, I found inspiration at the farmers market this morning. I just love it there, as do the boys which is so nice. They’ll taste anything and really enjoy the musicians that perform too. Jack opted to head to the hardware store with Tom today, but O and I found some gorgeous tomatoes, red dandelion greens, an astounding head of lettuce and some other goodies. I still have last week’s golden beets, so tonight, I’m going to roast those and serve with peppered goat cheese and EVOO. Then I’m going to saute’ the beet greens with the dandelion greens, some garlic and preserved lemon and then sprinkle sumac on top. I love sumac, and my dear friend, SJ, brought me some back from Turkey last month. Can’t wait to open it up. Yum!!